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Using the menu at left, you may search for bibliographic items spanning the range of topics related to international water law and policy. Many bibliographic items are "tagged" with more than one topic when they don't fit strictly within one topic.

You can select as many topics as you wish from the checklist. By default, the search will display all items matching at least one of the selected topics (this is the "OR" option). If you choose the more restrictive "AND" option, an item must match all of the selected topics in order to be displayed.

In light of our never-ending search to add to this repository of international water law material, submissions are encouraged and valued; however, as a prerequisite, if the submission is a full-text document, the submitter must acquire permission from the copyright holder of the material prior to submitting the document. When submitting full-text documents, PDFs are preferred; however we are capable of handling DOC, WPD, and TXT files as well. Please make your submission via email to iwlpwebsite [@ ] gmail.com and include the complete citation.

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